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Chocolate Cherry Birthday Cake


1 box of Moist Chocolate Cake mix (Duncan Hines Brand, is what we use)
2  cans of white vanilla frosting
2 cans of cherry pie filling


Mix and bake cake mix according to instructions-- Don't forget to let kids lick the bowl afterwards!-- Use 3 round cake pans to create "layers". Remove from oven when finished and cool. After layers have cooled, it is time to assemble the cake! Place bottom layer down, frost. Spread cherry filling over top and place another cake layer on top of that. Repeat with frosting and cherries. Remember to not over do it with the cherries, because otherwise the layers will "slide". When you get to the top cake layer, frost and then spoon a circle of filling in the center. Along the outer edge of the cake make a "border" of cherries. You can also do this on the bottom of the plate as well for a decorative border. Refrigerate and serve when ready! Enjoy!

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